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My goal here at PRICUTRA is not to teach you how to sublimate, but instead to teach you how to make money with sublimation.

My focus is on the various aspects of the business part of dye sublimation and other random things I’ve learned, as opposed to actual technique.

However, I do know that a lot of people come here looking for that basic information, so I’ve compiled a list of links and resources for blanks that may be helpful for you.

If you have a question about sublimation, please ask it here – I will reply publicly and then everyone will benefit from the answer 🙂


  • Sawgrass Ink’s “Sublimation 101” PDF. Or, in other words, anything you ever wanted to know about sublimation, including the science behind it.
  • Youtube also has bajillions of fantastic how-to sublimation videos, including: CondeTV!
  • CondeTV is Conde’s Youtube channel and they have great videos showing you how to sublimate the products they sell.


Please note right now I’m just listing the ones I have used here in the USA and can recommend. Other suppliers are below.

  • Coastal has free shipping on orders $150+ which is awesome if you order mugs, 🙂 They have a large variety of items and are a great one stop shop. They sell everything you need for sublimation (including equipment and paper) and also vinyl supplies as well.
  • Conde has great quality blanks and as far as I know, is the only place in the USA that consistently sells the tough phone cases. They ship from Alabama and California so wherever you are, it won’t take ages for shipping. They also have sales reps that are dedicated to each account (so, in other words, I can shoot off an email to my sales rep and ask him to send me things and he sets it all up, he’s great).
  • I also order sometimes from US Cutter – they also have a lot of vinyl supplies – not as many sublimation blanks, but they are right over the mountain for me and so here in WA, I receive my order next day without paying for upgraded shipping. They sell mugs and offer flat rate shipping which is also a fantastic deal.
  • Laughing Professor – This is a small business that sells blanks and they have a really great variety of unique items that you won’t see elsewhere. Make sure you order ahead, sometimes it can take a while if items are backordered.

Here are some other suppliers that I have not personally used but have a good reputation within the industry.

I hope that gets you off to a great start with Sublimation.

Got any other questions or want to add something to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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